GCr15 bearing steel-WJY brand (3)


Comprehensive performance is good. Spheroidized annealing has good cutting performance. Quenched and tempered high hardness and uniformity, wear resistance and contact fatigue

High strength, good thermal processing performance. Contains more alloying elements, the price is cheaper .GCr15 steel is high carbon chromium bearing steel used and produced the most grades, widely used in the world. But the white point of sensitivity, poor welding performance.

With high and uniform hardness, good wear resistance. For the production of large load to withstand the small section of the transfer section and the stress of large large-scale normal fire parts.

With the wear resistance of the bearing, but also to strengthen the top is also steel. GCr15 forging process

Spray forming as a novel rapid solidification technology, in the material manufacturing and processing has shown great advantages. The GCr15 steel, 2.98wt% si ultrahigh carbon steel, and Cu-20wt% Fe in-situ composites were prepared by this technique, and their properties and properties were studied. The as-cast fine structure of GCr15 steel is equiaxed pearlite with an average inter-plate spacing of 85nm. The average width of martensite obtained by oil quenching is 0.35μm. The XRD results show that the hardness is the same as the tempering temperature (150 ° C) is lower than Ms (250 ° C) of the parent alloy by 100 ° C due to the CCT curve. The main reason is that the former matrix The superplastic elongation of the GCr15 steel cast sample is better than that of the conventional process. The Fe 2Owt% Fe alloy (SF) was prepared by the spray forming process.


1 The residual copper content of the steel for bearing steel pipe (smelting analysis) shall not be greater than 0.20%.

2 oxygen content in the billet or steel on the determination.

3 steel wire sulfur content (smelting analysis) should not be greater than 0.020%. GCr15 representation method

① steel figures at the beginning of the two figures that the carbon content of steel to the average carbon content of several times that, such as 40Cr, 25Cr2MoVA alloy tube ② steel in the main alloying elements, in addition to individual micro-alloying elements, the general to a few percent Said. When the average alloy content <1.5%, the steel is generally marked only element symbols, but not marked content, but in special circumstances easy to confuse those in the element symbol can also be marked with the number "1", such as steel "12CrMoV" and "12Cr1MoV", the former chromium content of 0.4-0.6%, the latter is 0.9-1.2%, the rest of the same components. When the average content of alloy elements ≥ 1.5%, ≥ 2.5%, ≥ 3.5% ..., the elements should be marked after the content of the symbol can be expressed as 2,3,4 ... ... and so on. Such as 18Cr2Ni4WA.

③ steel vanadium V, titanium Ti, aluminum AL, boron B, rare earth RE and other alloying elements, are micro-alloying elements, although the content is very low, should be marked in the steel. Such as 20MnVB steel. Vanadium is 0.07-0.12% and boron is 0.001-0.005%.

④ high-quality steel should be in the steel last plus "A" to distinguish it from the general high-quality steel.

⑤ special purpose alloy steel, steel crown (or suffix) on behalf of the use of the symbol of the steel. Such as riveting screw dedicated 30CrMnSi steel, steel said ML30CrMnSi.

Weight calculation

Name (unit) Calculation formula Symbol Meaning Calculation example

Round bar

(Kg / m) W = 0.006165 × d × d d = diameter mm diameter of 100 mm round bar, per m weight. Weight per m = 0.006165 x 100 x 100 = 61.65 kg

Common specifications

GCr15 | Φ10 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ11 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ12 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ13 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ14 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ15 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ16 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ17 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ18 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ19 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ20 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ21 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ22 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ23 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ24 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ25 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ26 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ28 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ29 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ30 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ32 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ35 bearing steel

GCr15 | Φ38 bearing steel

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