Large spherical roller bearing (2)

Application Introduction

The holder is mainly used: stamping steel cage (suffix E), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage (suffix TVPB), machined brass cage (suffix M), stamping steel cage vibration occasions (suffix JPA)

Main uses: paper machine, speed reducer, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gear box bearing, roller mill, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, all kinds of industrial reducer and vertical self-aligning bearing seat.

Installation method

Spherical roller bearings have two raceways in the inner and outer ring raceways between spherical assembly, a drum shaped roller bearings.  The center of curvature of the raceway of the outer race is consistent with the center of the bearing, so it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. When the axle and shell are bent, the axial load in two directions can be automatically adjusted. Radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load and impact load. Inner diameter is tapered bore bearings can be installed directly. Or the use of tight sets, the demolition cylinder installed on the cylindrical shaft. The cage uses a steel plate holder, a polyamide forming cage and a copper alloy car holder.

For self-aligning bearings, the use of an intermediate mounting ring prevents the outer ring from tilting and rotating when the axle bearing is loaded into the shaft bore of the housing. It should be borne in mind that some of the self-aligning ball bearings protrude from the side of the bearing, so the middle ring should be recessed to prevent damage to the ball. A large number of bearings are generally installed by mechanical or hydraulic pressing.

For separable bearings, the inner and outer rings can be installed separately, thus simplifying the installation process, especially when the inner and outer rings need interference fit. When the inner ring has been installed in the shaft bearing the outer ring, it must be noted that the inner and outer rings are correctly aligned to avoid scratching the bearings, raceways, and rolling elements. If the cylindrical and needle roller bearings are made of inner rings without flanges or inner flanges with flanges on one side, it is recommended that the mounting sleeves be used. The outer diameter of the sleeve shall be equal to the raceway diameter of the inner race F, and the machining tolerance standard shall be d10. Press outer ring needle roller bearings, preferably with mandrel mounting.

Differential bearing

To distinguish the quality of equipment bearings, we usually do them in the following aspects

The packaging is clear of double row tapered roller bearing under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers of brand has its own dedicated external packaging designers to design, and arrange for clearance of the plant production conditions of production, therefore, the packing of the products should be both from the line to the color blocks are very clear, unambiguous.

The words are clear.

Each bearing products will be printed on the bearing products with their brand words, labels and so on. Although the font is very small, but the regular manufacturers of products have adopted the stamping technology in printing, and without heat treatment is carried out before the embossing, so the font is small, but the concave too deep, very clear. In general, the font of counterfeit products is not only vague, but because of the poor printing technique, the font floats on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand or badly marked by hand.

Is there a noise?

The left hand holds the inner sleeve of the bearing, and the right hand is slightly reciprocating to change the outer sleeve so as to make the rotor rotate, and listen to whether the bearing is running or not. As most of the backward condition of counterfeit products is completely manual workshops, in the production process of the bearing body will inevitably mixed into dust, sand like impurities, so when the rotation of the bearing will appear the noise or improper operation of the phenomenon. This is the key to judging whether the product comes from a strict manufacturing standard and the brand products of a regular manufacturer operated by the machine.

Whether there are muddy surface stains

The surface is cloudy stain which we should pay special attention to in the purchase of imported bearings. Because the domestic and foreign advanced manufacture of anti rust technology is still a certain gap, so the bearing body for rust prevention processing is easy to leave a thick grease, touch feel sticky, and the bearing of foreign imported almost do not see any traces of rust preventive oil. According to insiders, specially attentive people can smell a special flavor on imported bearings, which is the smell of antirust oil.

Is the chamfer uniform?

The so-called bearing chamfer, that is horizontal and the vertical surface junction, counterfeit products bearing due to the constraints of production technology, processing is not so satisfactory in these corners of the site, which we can easily identify the.

Bearing packing

Packaging packaging and packaging weight bearing after the completion of the manufacturing and after inspection, i.e. cleaning and antirust processing, and then in the inner packaging, in order to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof, dustproof, shockproof and maintenance of bearing quality and accuracy and convenient use and the purpose of sales.

The inner packing of bearings is divided into three kinds according to the antirust period:

Short rust proof period packing: antirust period 3~6 months, suitable for mass delivery to the same subscriber, in short term will be put into use of bearings. By agreement between the two sides, for easy use, the principle of simple packaging.

General antirust period packing: antirust period one year, applies to the general use bearing.

Long rust proof period packing: antirust period two years, suitable for special and precision bearings.

Bearing inner packaging material of polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain paper, and corrugated polyethylene composite carton, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening belt or woven plastic fastening belt, waterproof high strength plastic belt, sacks, etc.. All of the above materials need to ensure the corrosion resistance of the material and the test is qualified.

Post date :2018-02-06