Large spherical roller bearing(1)

Large spherical roller bearing

Basic definition

Spherical roller bearing is in the two groove of the inner ring and outer ring raceways between spherical bearing assembly, a drum shaped roller.

Basic species

Folding roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are divided into: cylindrical hole, tapered bore.

Hole taper cone respectively of 1:12 rear code for K spherical roller bearing (153000 or 113000) and the 1:30 rear code for K30 spherical roller bearing. When the bearings are matched with the conical shaft, the inner ring moves along the axial direction, so that the radial clearance of the bearing can be adjusted.

Basic introduction

Spherical roller bearing with two rollers, mainly bear radial load, but also can withstand axial load in either direction. With high radial load capacity, especially for heavy load or vibration load, but can not withstand pure axial load. The raceway of the bearing outer race is spherical shape, so the self-aligning performance is good, and the coaxiality error can be compensated.

There are two symmetrical spherical roller, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, inner ring with two raceways inclined at an angle with the axis of the bearing, has good aligning performance, the axial force bending or the installation of the bearing can be used not concentric, concentric tone with the size of bearing series vary, generally allow the aligning angle of 1~2.5 degrees, the bearing capacity is large, the axial load can bear radial load and the outer bearing can bear bidirectional effects, has good anti impact ability, general spherical roller bearings allow low working speed.

Spherical roller bearing is divided into symmetrical and non symmetrical spherical roller spherical roller two different structure according to roller shape, non symmetrical spherical roller bearing is the early products, mainly for the host service, the new design is rarely used host symmetrical spherical roller bearing, through the comprehensive improvement of internal structure design and parameter optimization, compared with early production of spherical roller bearings can withstand axial load, the greater the operating temperature of the bearing is low, so it can adapt to high speed requirements, according to the inner ring without ribs and the cage can be divided into C type and CA type two, C type bearings are without inner ring ribs and the use of steel stamping cage, the characteristics of CA type bearing inner ring for Trent on both sides of the wall and the used car business entity retainer in order to improve the bearing lubrication, can be provided to the user Spherical roller bearing for the outer ring with an annular oil groove and three oil holes, the bearing post code /W33 said, according to the requirements of users can also supply roller bearings with inner ring oil hole, in order to facilitate customer handling and replacement of bearings, self-aligning roller bearings can also be provided with an inner hole taper, taper taper 1:12 the code for the K said, in order to meet the special requirements of users are also available in the taper hole of 1:30 bearing, the rear code for K30 hole taper bearing locking nut bearing can be mounted directly on the tapered shaft neck, also with the help of compact sets or unloading sleeve bearings are mounted in a cylindrical shaft neck. In order to ensure that the bearings in high speed operation, prevent centrifugal action in the raceway and roller between the harmful sliding, bearing should bear a minimum radial load size, can press type estimate:

Fr =0.02C


Fr - minimum radial load N

C - the basic rated dynamic load of bearings N

Equivalent dynamic bearing load

P=Fr+Y1Fa when Fa/Fr e

P=0.67Fr+Y2Fa when Fa/Fr e


P - equivalent dynamic load N

Y1 Y2 - axial dynamic load factor

Equivalent static load



P0 equivalent static load N

Y0 axial static load factor

Folding roller bearings rear code:

Will rear code for tapered bore spherical roller bearing K, K30, installed in the tight match set to cover on the rear code for K+H type and K30+H type bearing. This type of bearing can be mounted on an optical axis without a shoulder shaft, and is suitable for occasions requiring mounting and dismounting of bearings. In order to improve the lubrication performance of bearings, there are annular oil grooves in the outer ring of bearings, and three oil holes with uniform distribution are drilled. The rear code is W33.

Specific classification and model comparison:

1, roller bearings (20000 CC)

2, the conical hole self-aligning roller bearing (20000 CCK)

3, roller bearings (20000 CC/W33)

4, the conical hole self-aligning roller bearing (20000 CCK/W33)

5, installed in the locking hole self-aligning roller bearings on (20000 CCK+H0000)

6, installed in the locking hole self-aligning roller bearings on (20000 CCK/W33+H0000)

The folding of different types of spherical roller bearings:

Example: NTN LH series of self-aligning roller bearings

The application of automatic self-aligning bearings has gradually increased, especially for long-life bearings in high temperature environments. For different application environments, NTN engineers have developed STJ2 type steels that can extend their service life over a wide range of temperatures from room temperature to 250 degrees celsius. This is the standard material for steel self-aligning roller bearings of LH series. Following this bearing characteristics (compared with SUJ2) long-life bearings in large temperature range, at room temperature is 3.5 times that of ordinary life, at a high temperature (250 DEG C) is 30 times that of ordinary life, prevent surface damage, anti stripping ability is 7 times, 1.4 times the capacity of anti abrasion, anti the wear ability of 2.5 times, dimensional stability under high temperature conditions, the change in 250 degrees almost no size, strengthen the fatigue rupture strength at high temperature, and tight fit, increase the anti fatigue rupture life 2 times. To increase the anti fatigue strength rupture 2 times, simplified parts storage management procedures, from room temperature to 250 DEG C can be used in single standard bearings, self-aligning roller bearings will gradually turn into a series of LH".

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